Equipment purchasing and its import

Now with the help of the Internet we can easily conclude business deals, have talks, and actively use all resources for attaining more possible clients who are interested in products. After long discussions on deals conditions parties finally come to the consensus, sign the contract agreed upon liabilities and product prices.

However, import procedure for equipment demands fulfilment of certain stages on which each the parties are liable for carpet cleaning machines import without any difficulty or delay. First of all, the Buyer of the Exporter (Seller) needs to take care of choosing a company that will optimally satisfy the ratio «price-quality». Based on experience, we can say that shipping costs for Russian companies are much less than Turkish logistics companies’ prices. However, we are eager to provide any support when searching for an advantageous price offer for people who are interested in carpet washing machines.

The next stage of equipment import is preparation of all documents for passing through a Russian border. Logistics companies are often ready to provide you help in importing carpet cleaning machines enrolling a broker. This type is considered as a simpler version for the Buyer as a transport company will be responsible for the state custom declaration document, the preparation of which demands certain knowledge in the customs sphere. Also you should expect that you will be obliged to pay customs duty and VAT. Our company provides next documents on our behalf:

  • Invoice with prices, shipping agreements and parties’ contact details;
  • A contract
  • Goods specification (with HS-codes);
  • Packing list;
  • Technical documentation.

Technical documentation includes dimensions, equipment weight, parts descriptions (if there’s any), and electric scheme. All other documents on transportation are provided by the driver (a transport company).