How to Choose the Right Carpet Washing Machine?


A lot of businessmen-beginners and experienced ones tackle this point from different angles. First prefer choosing cheaper and more accessible options. Meanwhile, experienced entrepreneurs consider several objectives: invest their money into a reliable and well-recommended all over the world equipment, save up money for advertisement, minimize costs of shipping, costs for technician tickets if that will be needed, find a right manufacturer to become a dealer in future and develop business in this branch too, get involved into various spheres of carpet washing business.

However, these both sides need to choose the equipment that will be suitable and correspondent to tendencies of these countries. Here are some recommendations for you to get a better professional insight on your future or current business. For beginners, first of all, it’s recommended to analyze the most typical carpet sizes in your country. This research will determine your company success in future. Study on carpets in your own home, you can visit carpet shops and find out, which carpets are sold more frequent. We explain this case because buying machines according to carpets sizes is an extremely significant. As an example, some of our potential customers ask if they can buy the biggest centrifuge and wring all carpets without taking into account their sizes. That is the completely wrong image of how the centrifuge works and why correspondent machines’ sizes are so important. If you put a carpet two to three into a machine with the width 4200 cm, the machine will jump, the carpet will get unrolled, vibration can grow  that can cause the machine a breaking. To eliminate that, you need to be responsible and ask the manufacturer for recommendations and their previous experience of exporting machines in countries. Thus, for instance, to avoid such an unpleasant situation, you can roll 2 carpets together and load them into a bigger centrifuge. As a result, your centrifuge bearings, automatic systems won’t have any extra pressure and vibration and will prolong the machine’s life-time.

For already well-developed carpet washing companies, we will advise to buy centrifuges of smaller and bigger sizes, if it’s highly required. Thus, your company will enhance the productivity and simplify operations.

A carpet washing machine is the investment, which will be paid off only in case of finding a good and worthy.  Beginners and experienced entrepreneurs are tempted to find a cheaper option and save their profit or initial capital. But the situation is the same here: a penny-pincher pays twice.  The machine chosen not according to your country’s requirements may ruin your business: after a purchase, you can face faults and flaws, that will cost extra to repair. Meanwhile, the rating won’t be good as many clients will get rejected because of broken machine. As for carpet sizes, everything become simple: you can wash all carpet on ER 4200 until the width is more than 4200 cm.

Always take into consideration machines’ characteristics. A good centrifuge should have reliable heavy bearings, drums must be balanced and made of stainless steel, the door should be pneumatic, RPM number should be around 1200 – 1300.

Here are several rules how you can understand that a carpet washing machine is qualitative:

  • Has two brushes rows with harder and softer brushes;
  • Has a variety of programs for different carpet materials;
  • Cleans carpet in 2,5 ─ 3 minutes;
  • Made of stainless steel (304 grade as a standard);
  • Electrical box is protected with a special panel;
  • The conveyor belt consists of one whole surface;
  • Washes a carpet 100 % from all chemicals.

If you came for buying a machine, ask a manufacturer to come into a carpet washing shop where they use this equipment. Here you can see the following: if the manufacturer has his machines sold on local level (in this regions), his reputation is clean and flawless in most of the cases. Care, how long does this company work on this equipment, how many times did they have some troubles with this equipment. Also you can ask, how long does the producer work in this sector. Also you will see, if all claimed functions and operations are carried out as it must be and as it was explained to you before. Asking references from your own country can be also a good step for finding the truth that will make you choose the right equipment.