Questions About Carpet Washing Machine

carpet washing machine

Carpet Washing Machine, What Is It?

Carpet washing machine and rug washing machine are the mechanisms that consume water, electricity and shampoo for cleaning of carpets. They usually work with bearings, engines, brushes, conveyor belts, air operated systems.

What Is A Fully Automatic Carpet Washing Machine? 

This kinds of machines have PLC and sensors within its systems. Carpets recognized by the machine automaticly, the machines do not waste unnecessary water or shampoo on the conveyor belt. The machines work differently for different carpet types. The machine stops its systems when there is no carpet.

Why Does A Carpet Washing Machine Have To Be Stainless Steel?

Galvanized and epoxy coated steel machines are very common materials in carpet washing machines sector. However, scientifically in cleaning sector, there are a lot of chemicals used, with different pH values. In carpet cleaning, you cannot wash carpets without carpet shampoos. Carpet shampoos have higher/lower than 7(neutral) pH value. If these pH values had been neutral, you could use galvanized or epoxy coated steel for a long time. But this is impossible. A galvanized or epoxy coated steel material can only last 2-3 years. Some carpets cleaners even use extreme chemicals, such as potassium hyposulfite and caustic soda. Once a machine has rust on its body and parts, that machine cannot be used for cleaning anymore.

What Electric Brands Are Good For Carpet Washing Machines?

Electrical parts in carpet washing machines must be globally known brands such as Siemens, Schneider and Mitsubishi. You can see dozens of manufacturers who have low quality electrical parts in their machines, mostly from China. In long term, Chinese parts may result issues in electrical and mechanical components of the machines.

What Is PLC System?

Programmable Logic Controller. To rephrase, brain of the fully automatic carpet washing machines. Machines equipped with high quality PLC units can wash any kind of carpet in the world. They can properly wash the carpets depending on sizes and timing without superfluous waste of water, chemical, time, electricity and manpower. With good quality PLC systems, manufacturer can solve your problems remotely, which also makes adding of new carpet types and washing programs possible.

What Is The Best Carpet Washing Machine?

This really depends on your requirements. If 80 -90 % of carpets you wash have 2 m width, then you can choose a carpet washing machine with 2.2 m max. carpet width. Every machine must have 10 cm space on each side of the conveyor belt for safety rules. If you mostly get carpets with 4 m width, then you will need a machine with 4.2 m max. carpet width. The best carpet washing machine is obviously stainless steel, we mentioned why on the paragraph above. It is fully automatic and can wash any type of carpet with no problem.