Carpet Washing Machines 2.7 m


Carpet washing machines 2.7 m are very common in some countries, such as Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy. These machines can wash up to 9 m2 without any problems.

Which Countries Are Good For These Kind Of Carpet Washing Machines?

This machine is highly recommended for countries with at least 70 – 80 % of their carpets being 2 m or 2.5 m. In the market, you can see that this is the most featured model for carpet washing machines. There are good reasons. Because most of the carpet manufacturers do not produce larger than 6 m2 nowadays. Because now, we are living in flats and these flats are much more smaller than other premises we used to live. Some traditional carpets however, usually have 2.5 m width. Traditional carpets that have Eastern origin, such as Turkish, Persian, Afghan, Turkmen and so on, can also have even larger sizes, 3 meter to 4 meter are very common.

How Should a 2.7 m Carpet Washing Machine Be?

These machines must have all the specifications we noted in our article Basics about the carpet washing machines. To sum it up, they must be fully automatic, stainless steel, equipped with good quality electrical parts and etc. Also, these machine must have at least 3 disc brushes. Recommended number of disc brushes is 6 disc brushes. One roller brush should be good, followed by a squeegee system and pressure water. Pressure water is essential to get rid of dust, debris and materials within the carpets. You may see some machines with vacuum system. However, the vacuum system is not good because of the following reasons:

  • The carpets must be soaked before drying operation in order to increase longevity of the centrifuge machines. How? A vacuum system removes no more than 30 – 40% of total water within the carpet, not all. It means that the machine will be in centrifuging process anyway, as the centrifugal carpet wringers remove 95 – 98% of moisture within the carpet. Before centrifuge, a carpet should be fully soaked. If not, the machine will result walking.
  • Walking is the shaking of the centrifuge machine very strongly, which means that something is wrong with the operation. Too much walking of the machine in long term may result technical problems with the machine.