Cheap Carpet Washing Machines 2.2 m

cheap carpet washing machines

What Carpet Washing Machines Are Cheap?

These are the smallest and cheap carpet washing machines available for sale in the whole market. 2.2 m machines are usually prefered in countries with very small carpet sizes (maximum 6 square metre) or countries with a little carpet culture.

These machines usually do not have many brushes on them, 3 disc brushes or 2 roller brushes are enough to keep up the good work. These machines are called 2.2 m because the maximum carpet width they can take is 2.2 m. All these machines are equipped with 2 m width conveyor belt. The length of carpets it can take is unlimited. Because of less number of brushes and less with of conveyor belt, these machines are cheaper than other machines with larger conveyor belt and more brushes. Besides, as these are must smaller machines, they are much more portable, you can even put some wheels under the machine for easy transportation for shipment and indoor management.

In performance, they can wash around 80 square meter of dirty carpets per hour. This is an average amount and it could be lower and higher depending on carpets, dirt level, shampoo type used. The performance can be relatively lower for higher performance carpet washing machines with 2.7 m maximum carpet width but as we mentioned before, these machines were made for some specific countries. If your company has around 300 – 1000 square meter carpet every day, then you will need a 2.7 m carpet washing machine.

What Fields Are Good For Cheap Carpet Washing Machines?

Because it is cheap, it could be a better choice for a starting company who doesn’t wish to invest a lot initially. It could be a good choice also if this company is located in a rural area. Cheap carpet washing machines with 2.2 m max. carpet width are also useful for companies who would like to add some new services for their main businesses (for example, laundries, laundromats)