How to Contact a Carpet Washing Machines Supplier?

Are you new around here?

If you are new to carpet washing business (if you do not know about the machines or if you are just considering to start a new carpet washing business) the first thing you probably want to know is price of the machines. Although pricing is important, it is also important how you communicate with the supplier.

How much is carpet washing machine?

“How much is carpet washing machine” is not a good way to let the supplier know you are interested. The supplier will immediately think that you know nothing about these machines and if it is a supplier with bad intentions, they will offer you the cheapest (and very likely the least useful) carpet washing machine in order to get your money. This is quite common in our industry.

However, a supplier who really wants to help you need more than the question “How much is carpet washing machine?”

Company Profile

The best way to start, after introducing yourself by name, is introducing your company: your company profile, how old your company is, where you are located, what your services are and of couırse your project in details (details of shop where the machines will be installed, a drawing if possible and what you will need for business) If you are an intermediate company, you should let the supplier know beforehand. It would be the best if you send your emails through a commercial email address (Not GMail, Yahoo, Outlook but an email ending with your website domain) This will leave a good impression on the supplier.

A new entrepreneur

If you are new to this business and do not have a company, you should explain your intentions clearly. Some questions explained above are valid here too: where you are located and starting your project, letting them know whether you have a shop suitable for business (you should add details such area, power grid) As you do not have a commercial email address, the supplier may ask other ways of communicating with you (Whatsapp, Messenger etc.) This should not be a problem for you because in most cases, emails never reach their actual address and therefore they are not read. The supplier wants to know that you received that email.


A supplier can have large number of products, from an industrial fully atomatic carpet washing machine to hydroextractors. In this case, you need to explain which machines you are specifically interested in. This will make it faster for you to get a quote. The supplier will send you a catalog either through Email or by other means. In this catalog, the machines are probably presented in different models. It should be remembered that model numbers usually indicate size (for example, if a carpet washing machine machine model number is 3200, it means that it is for carpets up to 3.2 meter width, the length does not usually matter for carpet washing machines) If you specify each machine you need one by one (for example: 4200 fully automatic carpet washing machine with 4+4=8 disc brushes and 1 cylindrical brush, 4200 carpet wringing machine with 450 mm diameter and braking system) it will mean that you read the supplier’s catalog in details and paid attention to every detail.


Bir tedarikçi, endüstriyel tam otomatik halı yıkama makinesinden hidro-sıkıştırıcılara kadar çok sayıda ürüne sahip olabilir. Bu durumda özellikle hangi makinelerle ilgilendiğinizi açıklamanız gerekir. Bu, daha hızlı fiyat almanızı sağlayacaktır. Tedarikçi size E-posta veya başka yollarla bir katalog gönderecektir. Bu katalogda makineler muhtemelen farklı modellerde sunulmaktadır. Unutulmamalıdır ki model numaraları genellikle ölçüyü belirtir (örneğin bir halı yıkama makinesi model numarası 3200 ise bu 3.2 metre genişliğe kadar olan halılar için olduğu anlamına gelir, halı yıkama makinelerinde boy genellikle fark etmez) ihtiyacınız olan her makineyi tek tek belirtmeniz (örneğin: 4200 tam otomatik halı yıkama makinesi 4+4=8 disk fırça ve 1 silindirik fırça, 4200 450 mm çapında ve fren sistemli halı sıkma makinesi) okuduğunuz anlamına gelecektir. tedarikçinin kataloğunu ayrıntılı olarak inceler ve her ayrıntıya dikkat eder.