Combi Carpet Cleaning Machines

Nowadays, our company receives many quotation requests for combination carpet cleaning machines, also known as 2-in-1 machines. These machines combine a carpet washing machine with a carpet wringing machine. In these machines, the carpet centrifugal drying machine is positioned underneath the carpet washing machine. However, we do not manufacture such machines. Here, we briefly summarize the problems associated with combination carpet cleaning machines:

  1. Profit Motive Over Quality: Companies offering combination products often prioritize profit over producing higher quality and more reliable machines. With new carpet washing machine manufacturers emerging constantly, companies focused solely on profit target new businesses, particularly those comparing machines solely by price and lacking knowledge of the carpet cleaning industry or its equipment. Their strategy is to sell cheap machines for quick profit. However, this approach leads to seemingly functional but ultimately problematic machines entering the market. Our company operates with core principles in this industry, which prevent us from compromising on quality.

  2. Operational Challenges: Operating one machine (washing or wringing) while the other is running is quite difficult. Carpet wringing machines can jump or shake with certain carpets or due to user error. Ideally, carpets should be placed into the carpet wringing machine immediately after washing. This is because of water pooling within the carpet after washing shifts the weight distribution. If you need to wait until the previous carpet finishes before wringing the newly washed one, it creates production delays. Serially washing carpets becomes impossible with such a machine, making it user-unfriendly.

  3. Exposed Components and Environmental Concerns: Motors and gearboxes should not be exposed to water, chemicals, or other volatile materials. However, some manufacturers leave these areas unprotected in combination machines to reduce costs and increase profit. These producers may advertise them as “economical” machines, but their quality will not be impressive. Carpet cleaning businesses have high humidity and utilize volatile chemicals, such as diluted sodium hypochlorite (bleach). The areas containing electronic components within the machine must be sealed and isolated to prevent damage from moisture and chemicals.

  4. Insufficient Brushing System: Combination carpet washing machines have an inadequate number of brushes, typically featuring only one row (either 3 or 4 brushes in most cases). A high-quality carpet washing machine should have at least two rows of brushes, configured in sets of 3+3=6, 4+4=8, or 6+6=12. Dual brush rows provide both hard and soft brushes. Soft brushes are used for delicate and handmade carpets like silk, wool, and oriental rugs. They work in conjunction with hard brushes when cleaning machine-made carpets or inexpensive rugs. Two brush rows are essential for achieving quality carpet cleaning in one wash and offer a wider range of washing programs. A single row of brushes may require multiple washes or slower washing cycles.

  5. Ineffective Rinsing System: The rinsing system in combination carpet cleaning machines is often not powerful enough to remove foam, shampoo, chemicals, dirt, dust, and other debris from the carpet. This leads to improper rinsing and inadequate cleaning. Carpets with residual chemicals and foam will then enter the wringing machine, resulting in dulling colors and unpleasant odors within a few weeks. Improper rinsing allows chemicals and foam to dry within the carpet, while dirt and soil remain trapped.

  6. Ergonomic Issues: Combination carpet washing machines are not ergonomically designed. Having the wringing machine positioned underneath the washing machine significantly hinders the transportation of heavy carpets.

In conclusion, combination carpet washing machines are primitive in design. Our focus is on producing superior machines with advanced technology, exceptional quality, high performance, and improved efficiency. We have interacted with numerous users who ultimately realized their mistake of choosing a combination machine for their new businesses. All these users eventually transitioned to higher-quality machines. It is evident that manufacturers who develop these carpet washing machines prioritize short-term profit over the long-term needs of their customers.