Combi Carpet Cleaning Machines

Nowadays, our company gets a lot of quotation requests for combi carpet cleaning machines. These machines are also called 2 in 1. They come as carpet washing machine together with carpet wringing machine. In these machines, carpet centrifugal drying machine is placed under carpet washing machine. We do not produce such machines. Here, we briefly summarize the problems about this combi carpet washing machine:

1. The sole purpose of companies offering combi products is to profit more. They do not aim to produce better quality and more reliable machines. There is a new carpet washing machines producer emerging every day in the world. Companies, who only aim to profit, have one thing in mind: “To sell to new companies, especially the ones  who only compare by price, who do not know about the details of carpet cleaning business, nor the machines. To sell the machines cheap and make easy money.” Most companies act with such logic. However, when a company is attempting to produce the machines with lower costs, they approach to the market with these apparently functional b1ut practically disastrous machines. Our company has essential rules and principles in this industry. It is not possible for us to go beyond these.
2. While the carpet washing machine or the carpet wringing machine is running, it is very difficult to operate the other one. Carpet wringing machine is a machine that jumps or shakes with some carpets or usage errors. Under normal conditions, carpets should be put into the wringing machine immediately after washing. Otherwise, as the water collects at one point inside the carpet, the weight distribution is shifted. As you will have to keep recently washed carpet aside until the previous one is finished, it will cause delays in production. It will not be possible to wash carpets serially with such a machine. The machine is, therefore, very difficult to use.
3. Motors and gearboxes should not be exposed to water, chemicals or other volatile materials. But in such machines, to profit more and to produce cheaper, they leave those areas open, without any protection. The producers will say it is an economic machine. But when you consider quality, you will see that it’s a disaster. In a carpet washing shop, humidity is very high and volatile chemicals are used, namely sodium hypochlorite (diluted version of it is known as bleach). The areas inside the machine with electronic components must be closed and isolated. Otherwise, the motor and gearboxes may be damaged by moisture and chemicals.
4. The number of brushes on combi carpet washing machines is not enough. There is only one line of brushes in such machines. In a carpet washing machine, there should be at least two rows of brushes in the form of 3+3=6, 4+4=8 or 6+6=12. Two rows of brushes mean that there are both hard and soft brushes in the machine. Soft brushes are used especially when washing delicate and handmade carpets, such as silk, wool and oriental carpets and rugs. They are used together with hard brushes when washing machine-made carpets or cheap rugs. Two rows of brushes are definitely important for quality washing of carpets in one go and it adds a variety of programs in carpet washing machine. With single line of brushes, you may need to wash the carpets more than once or slow down the production.
5. The rinsing system must be strong enough to clean foam, shampoo, chemicals, dirt, dust and all other substances on the carpet. Carpets will not be rinsed well in combi carpet washing machines. Also, those carpets will not be cleaned properly and they will be put into the carpet wringing machine with a lot of chemicals and foam. In this case, the customer, whose carpet is washed, will notice dulling in the colors of the carpet and a bad smell just after a couple weeks. Because the carpet was not rinsed well, the chemicals and foam were dried while they were still in the carpet and the dirt and soil were not rinsed off the carpet.
6. Combi carpet washing machines are not ergonomic in use. Having the carpet wringing machine down under the carpet washing machine will cause great difficulty when transporting heavy carpets.
Overall, it can be concluded that combi carpet washing machines are very primitive products in terms of design. Our aim is to produce better machines, with more advanced technology, better quality, better performance and better efficiency.
We have been in touch with many users who understood their mistake by choosing combi carpet washing machines for their new businesses. They all had to switch to better quality machines over time. It is clear that the producers who come up with such carpet washing machines do not consider the situation of the customer in the long run, as the urge to profit is much stronger for them.